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  • 18 юни 2014
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    17 яну 2017 | 10:59

    Good job maknig it appear easy.
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    17 яну 2017 | 08:28

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    17 яну 2017 | 08:21

    My Perfume Nemesis is FM2̱s Carnal Flower. I had my own sad story of a mislabeled sample (but I had to pay for the Knowledge, luckily just a price of a travel refill, not a FB). But since this perfume kept inserting itself in my life I decided to keep that 10ml travel bottle and take my poison small portion at a time hoping to get used to it.
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    17 яну 2017 | 08:10

    Good Morning, Bill,I have a clarification question about some measurement & data terminology and I wasn’t sure exactly where to post. In 2nd grade, line plots are introduced as a data repersentation. In 6th grade, the standards refer to dot plots. How are these alike and how are they different? We have typically seen those terms used to mean the same thing.Thank you,Julie
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    17 яну 2017 | 04:39

    No coianpmlts on this end, simply a good piece.
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    17 яну 2017 | 04:12

    Hahhaaha. I'm not too bright today. Great post!

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